Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crazy October

I finally got to post some new items to my shop last night here they are:
My grandma knitted the two scarves with really pretty fur that is shimmery. This month has been so hectic. Our family has about 20 birthdays in October so those combined with school, I've had no time to do any crocheting. I've had the two berets made for a few weeks now, but just haven't had the time to list them in my shop. Yesterday I finished up with my Economics class, I got a B on the final, so I was pretty happy about that. I start my new Econ class this next week. I really hate econ but I need it for my accounting major. This Saturday is Mark's 24th birthday. I think we are just going out for sushi. It should be a nice day. My next crochet project is two pillows for my step-mom. I'm excited about how they are going to turn out. I'll post pics when I am finished.

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