Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Creation!! The Scarflette

Here is my latest creation. It is a scarflette. It is like a neckwarmer but a little longer. I attached two buttons to it also so it will stay attached when someone wears it around their neck. I love black and purple so I figured my two favorite colors would be could to try out a new creation. I almost named this "the Lydia" because it totally reminds me of Lydia, the girl from BeetleJuice. The cartoon one, that is. She always wore a black and purple striped dress. Anyways I plan on making more, right now I'm pretty preoccupied with my nine page research paper for my English class.
P.S. I hope everyone got their vote out today. It was the very first time for me to be able to vote. I felt very empowered and proud to be an American.